The adventure begins with Vera Blanc – Episode 1: Full Moon

Remember those “choose your own adventure” books where you you could end up with a totally different story depending on what path you chose for the characters by flipping to different pages at key moments in the plot? Vera Blanc is an upcoming mystery thriller game from indie developer Tycoon Games that was developed in the same spirit, with graphics that are drawn in the style of a comic book.

There is enough information posted at the game’s official webpage,, to paint a clear picture of who the heroine of the story is. Vera was a child prodigy, the daughter of wealthy stylist Emmanuel Blanc. Vera’s mother, a Russian supermodel, died when she was two.

 Full Moon

Shortly after graduating from university, Vera was diagnosed with brain cancer and underwent a procedure to save her life – except that this was no routine operation. The medics completely rewired Vera’s brain to function like a computer – an “incredible machine that can be fed a remarkable amount of data … like uploading a file to the Internet.” Vera also discovered that she had acquired the ability to read peoples’ minds.

Armed with these unique new abilities, Vera was introduced to Brandon Mackey, a private detective who specializes in cases involving the supernatural, occult and paranormal. And thus a partnership was born.

 Full Moon

According to the game blog, Vera Blanc will be released as episodes. (Currently, two episodes are planned with a possible third.) The first game in the series, Episode One: Full Moon, is currently in production. In each episode, Vera and Brandon will investigate supernatural events, encountering werewolves, vampires, zombies, ghosts, the undead, and other creatures that were thought to be only legend.

 Full Moon

What sounds particularly unique about the game is that it will unfold like a comic book, where players get to control the direction of the story by choosing which path for Vera to pursue at critical points in the plot – much like those old Choose Your Own Adventure books. The preview video below shows what can happen if you make the “wrong” choice:

There will also be mini-games like spot the difference, repeat the sequence, memory, and secret codes that will reveal clues and helpful hints if solved correctly.

Vera Blanc will launch in June according to the developer. Visit for more info, and be sure to set a Gamezebo alert to be notified the instant that the game comes out and when we’ve posted our full review.