Bar Star Preview: Mixed drinks meet time management

Pocket bartenders who couldn’t quite hold their own in a galaxy far far away will soon have an option to serve up drinks a little bit closer to home. Bar Star is an upcoming time management game for the iPhone that should be arriving just in time for happy hour.

The debut title from GlitchSoft, Bar Star tells the story of Chase, a young woman who has recently inherited the Brookstreet Bar alongside her brother. The story will follow her entrepreneurial ways as she attempts to transform her rundown establishment into an upscale lounge.

Bar Star

Bar Star

Players will check ID’s, mix drinks, and serve customers through all 30 levels of the game’s main campaign. With 3 different kinds of beer and wine and 12 different mixed drinks to choose from, players will be kept on their toes as they try to get everyone’s orders right. When mixed drinks are involved, Bar Star will offer up a unique drink shaking mini-game.

With upgradable bar elements, a dozen unique customers, and an additional time attack mode, Bar Star seems poised to offer a competent time management experience when it hits the App Store.

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