The United States Department of Agriculture recommends that the average adult consume two cups of fruit a day. With this in mind, Halfbrick Studios has just upped their offering of citrus and berry goodness with the release of Fruit Ninja version 1.2.

New features include;

  • Zen Mode – a new 90-second mode with no bombs or lives, seeing how high a score you can rack up in the allotted time.
  • Combo Attacks – If you slash 3 fruit at once, you’ll receive a +3 bonus. If you slash 4, you’ll get a +4. This new technique will change way the game is scored, and is available in both Zen and Classic modes.
  • New fruit – limes and red apples are now ripe for the slaughter!
  • New Openfeint Achievements
  • Performance optimization

According to the game’s iTunes page, Halfbrick has made many of these improvements at the behest of their fans; “We are listening! Every suggestion and every review from Fruit Ninja fans is carefully considered by our development team and we are committed to ensuring your game is of the highest quality! Today marks the biggest update yet for Fruit Ninja, which includes enough additions to DOUBLE the content of the entire original game!”

When we first broke news that a new mode was coming, we were excited. But combo attacks? That’s the real story here. If we had one gripe about the original version, it’s that our prowess for mutilating multiple fruit in one fell swoop went unrewarded. With this new update, a great value just got even better.

If you haven’t tried Fruit Ninja yet, be sure to check out our review to find out why this might be the best piece of fruit you can buy for under a dollar!