New Jolly Rover info: Trailer, release date and Mac pre-order

Brawsome has just released the official trailer for Jolly Rover, the studio’s upcoming Tales of Monkey Island-esque point-and-click adventure game. According to Brawsome, Jolly Rover is on track to launch on Monday, June 7.

Mac fans can preorder the game now from the Mac Game Store.

Jolly Rover Preview

Shiver me timbers! Australian developer Brawsome is currently readying Jolly Rover, its first commercial game, for release. This high seas point-and-click experience will follow the adventures of Gaius James Rover, a dog who just wants to star in the circus like his dear old dad.

Rover is sent to live with his uncle in the Caribbean after his father, a famous clown, dies from an incident involving an improperly loaded joke cannon. There Rover accidentally invents “Jolly Rover” a potent mix of tobacco and rum that is taking the islands by storm. Rover sets off for Groggy Island to start raise money so he can start a circus.

Jolly Rover

While Jolly Rover may be Brawsome’s first commercial product, the team has built up an impressive pedigree. Andrew Goulding, Jolly Rover‘s game’s designer, producer and programmer, has previously worked on the popular casual adventures Avenue Flo and Emerald City Confidential.

With more than 60 scenes to explore, Goulding suggests that the Jolly Rover should offer 4-8 hours of gameplay on your first play through. The game will also offer 25 voiced characters, who will be recording their talents in-studio sometime this May.

The game embraces classic 2D adventure mechanics, but also offers a number of tweaks that will ensure players never get too frustrated or confused. “It follows the LucasArts view of adventure games that players should never get stuck if they forgot to pick up something, and there are dialog trees and inventory items,” says Goulding. The game will also employ a simple one-click interface, as well as a hint system that will allow players to skip the few action sequences in the game should they prove too difficult.

Jolly Rover

The high seas adventure setting of Jolly Rover clearly pay tribute to the Monkey Island series, however Goulding assures us that the game’s conception predates the recent return of LucasArts beloved classic. He also assures us that, like the games that inspired it, Jolly Rover will offer a family-friendly sense of humor. “While there is some adult innuendo scattered throughout the game, it’s no more than your average Pixar movie or episode of The Simpsons.”

While no specific date has been confirmed, Jolly Rover‘s developer is currently targeting a release in early June. Brawsome also intends to release the game on a variety of digital platforms, including Steam and Big Fish Games.