Slingo Quest Egypt promises new modes, power-ups, “Slingo Friends” and more

If you’re a fan of the addictive fusion of slots and bingo known as Slingo, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t have to wait much longer for your next Slingo fix. Funkitron’s Slingo Quest Egypt is on the way!

Following on the heels of Slingo Quest Hawaii, Slingo Quest Egypt features the most mind-blowingly amazing Slingo level that you’ve ever seen!!!… except that the darn Devil has stolen it. You’ll join the Joker and the Slingo Cherubs to get it back while journeying through the lands of Egypt, where you’ll meet new Egyptian friends with their own unique Slingtastic powers to share.

Slingo Quest Egypt

In terms of gameplay, Slingo Quest Egypt will be packed with brand new power-ups (like Lucky and Shuffle), game modes (Picture Mode and Spreading Slingo), mini-games (Odd Man Out and Devil’s Memory), awards and level-specific star goals.

Slingo Quest Egypt

For the first time in a Slingo Quest title, Slingo Quest Egypt will add a fun storyline to the game, complete with cutscenes, that will feature well-known Slingo characters. The game also introduces “Slingo Friends,” which are collected throughout the game and will help the player solve problems.

Rumor has it that the storyline in Slingo Quest Egypt is the beginning of a plot that will continue through a trilogy of new Slingo Quest titles!

Slingo Quest Egypt

Slingo Quest Egypt‘s launch is right around the corner. Be sure to follow this game with alerts to be notified the moment this game is released and when we post our full game review.