Openfeint and Plus+ may be the clear leaders in iPhone social gaming, but that doesn’t mean they’re the biggest fish on every mobile platform. Scoreloop has just released some interesting metrics regarding their success on Android, including the fact they’re growing by 300,000 users each week. That’s more than Foursquare and Booyah, the latter of which is proving to be quite the surprise success on their own.

While Scoreloop might not be as big a force on the iPhone, Android players are seeing the name pop up more and more in their favourite games. Both the #1 and #4 game on the Android Marketplace this month, Jewels and Toss It respectively, showcase Scoreloop integration.

Scoreloop released these numbers in conjunction with an announcement that their Core Social SDK for Android and a new version for the iPhone have just launched into public release. This new version come with an updated developer area to make it easier to configure game settings across platforms, as well as a new support forum and the ability for developers to connect users to their MySpace social graph.

“We’re seeing exponential growth on all platforms right now. Our cross-platform approach and bet on the Android market has catapulted us to the leadership position. While our Premium Integrations team is at full steam helping larger publishers deliver, we’re also very proud to announce the public release of our Core Social SDK, making this technology available to every developer. The numbers coming in from newly released integrations are impressive in terms of both users and engagement, as well as additional revenues we’ve enabled,” said Marc Gumpinger, Scoreloop CEO.

Not content to stop there, Scoreloop tells us that they’ll be announcing a third platform in addition to iPhone and Android shortly. No hints on what it is yet, but if we were to speculate we’d be quick to guess Windows Phone 7 or an expanded presence on MySpace. Mind you with Angry Birds recently released for the Nokia Mameo, who can really say where things like this are going to end up?

If you’re a developer interested in signing up with Scoreloop, visit