All hail the tribal chief! Playdom has quietly launched Treetopia, a new Facebook game designed around a tribal village theme. In the words of Playdom on their Treetopia fan page:

“Become the best village chief in Treetopia! Care for villagers. Protect neighbors. Grow in experience to be the biggest village chief in Treetopia.”

Playdom has been on a roll lately, having launched the hit Facebook game, Social City, as well as other high quality and unique Facebook games such as Big City Life. Though I’m not crazy about the name, becoming a tribal chief that rules the island where you care for villagers is a theme that works well in all casual games and should do well on Facebook.

Be among the first to play Treetopia (this literally just launched so you be aware, there is a lot more that they plan to add to the game) and go to our game page for Treetopia to set an alert to be notified when our preview, review, strategy guides and tips are posted.