You may not know the name Exent yet, but chances are you know their product. If you’ve ever played a game through Verizon Games on Demand or the similarly branded Qwest service, you’ve been playing it thanks to Exent. Billing themselves as the world’s largest games-on-demand subscription provider, Exent offers more than 1600 games from developers as accomplished as PopCap and RealNetworks for a single monthly fee. Or if you’d rather, free with ad-support. Their director of content and programming Rick Marazzani recently sat down with to discuss this unique business model.

“There’s a long term opportunity to make money though our service, and we’re pretty equitable. The users win, because for a flat $14.95 fee – which is in America about the cost of a single casual game – they get access to these 1,600 titles. That’s incredible value. Finally, our operators win because of our value added service. That increases their revenues through subscribers, and also, adds value to their offering by making their service stickier.”

Marazzani goes on to discuss the competition, different ad structures, and how businesses like his will affect brick and mortar stores. To learn more, check out the full interview on