We set up shop in the 16th century for our preview of Build-a-lot: The Elizabethan Era

Fans of the Build-a-Lot franchise have been taken to a lot of places over the years. Europe, wind farms – players have even spent some time on the Monopoly board. But in the next instalment, desktop real estate tycoons will be taken somewhere that Build-a-Lot has never gone before: back in time!

Build-a-Lot: The Elizabethan Era will take the popular property series to 16th century England when it debuts later this month. Stripped of modern conveniences, players will start their adventure with a single thatched house as they attempt to grow the shire.

 The Elizabethan Era

A variety of era-appropriate set pieces and activities will complement the tried and true Build-a-Lot formula. Wells and windmills will dot the landscape as players manage crops and livestock, hire workers and farmers, and manage services to keep their town healthy and prosperous. Players will also build a variety of amusements for their people which will improve their happiness.

The game is also set to feature a variety of in-game awards, multiple campaigns, and text presented in ye olde English. In addition to the standard release, there will be a premium edition that will feature a 10 level expansion known as the Wales Campaign. A new building will be exclusive to this campaign, truly setting it apart from what’s offered in the standard edition.

 The Elizabethan Era

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