This Mother’s Day, don’t buy mom flowers or make pancakes. Buy her games. Download companies are joining in with deep discounts of 30% to 75% off of games, at such web sites as iWin, Big Fish Games, GameHouse, Sandlot Games, and Steam. Also worth checking out is the Humble Indie Game Bundle where you pick the price to pay for games and raise money for charity (cool idea).

  • iWin: 50% off “Mommy” themed games, which apparently mean casual games that deal with babies, nannies, cats, or diapers. Sale ends May 11, 2010 and some games are as low as $3.27.
  • Big Fish Games: 30% off all games (except for Collector’s Editions) when you type in the coupon code SUPERMOM. Sale ends May 9, 2010.
  • Steam: What does Sid Meier have to do with Mother’s Day? Nothing, expect his games (such as Civilization) are on sale for 75% off at Steam until Monday.
  • The Humble Indie Game Bundle: Buy a bundle of DRM-free versions of hit indie games (such as World of Goo, Acquaria, Gish, etc.) and decide how much you pay and give to charity. These are great games (no hidden objects in the pack, but I can assure you, the game are fun) and it’s a great idea which Gamezebo supports.

Now that I think of it, you should still buy your mom flowers and make her pancakes this weekend, in addition to buy the gift of games.