The developers behind Hook Champ are swinging back into action!

Super QuickHook, the spiritual successor to Hook Champ, has been in the works for some time now. Originally dubbed “Avalanche Game,” developer RocketCat Games have remained relatively tight lipped about their upcoming release. Still, slivers of information have managed to squeak out over the past few months, and we’re more than happy to collect them to try and get a look at the big picture.

If you’re wondering why the working title of Super QuickHook was “Avalanche Game,” it becomes pretty apparent when you hear the game’s description. As the game’s hero Jakob, you’ll be using the grappling hook mechanics that debuted in Hook Champ to try and outrun an avalanche of snow.

Unlike RocketCat’s previous game which was broken into many levels, Super QuickHook will feature randomly generated levels that go on endlessly. The challenge here isn’t reaching the end, but seeing how long you can survive. The developers claim they were inspired by the fun they had with Canabalt. And while we can’t say for sure, it also sounds like they may have dabbled in Nitrome’s Avalanche before deciding on a direction for their latest game.

If survival gameplay isn’t your thing, Super QuickHook is also set to feature a mode with hand-crafted levels that emphasize exploration similar to Hook Champ. These levels will be put less stress on players than before, as there is no time limit and a new checkpoint system will allow players to continue without starting a level over.

Super QuickHook

While Hook Champ offered up an 8-bit presentation, Super Quickhook will step boldly into the future… and by that we mean 16-bit. Looking decidedly more grown up than its predecessor, the game’s hero Jakob appears taller and more detailed than Hook Champ‘s Jake. And while not technically the same character, the official RocketCat blog hints that the two may be related.

The game is currently undergoing beta testing, so it’s possible that we’re finally closing in on a release date. Still, no release window has been publically given. If you’re looking forward to Super QuickHook as much as we are, be sure to set a Gamezebo game alert to be notified the moment it becomes available!