Nightclub City – Game Introduction

Nightclub City is a game created on Facebook that lets players experience owning their night club catering to party animals, celebrities, and regular folk by being a DJ playing the latest tunes, hiring bartenders and bouncers to keep the place pumping and decorating it to be the hottest thing in town! This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Nightclub City.

The Game Interface

There are quite a lot of images and icons seen on the game interface. Knowing what to use is the first step to making your club successful.

Nightclub City

  • Progress bar – found at the top left most of the screen that looks like a blue bar. When clicked, you will see your current level, how much your club has earned and how much you still need to earn to get to the next level
  • Popularity and Luxury Points – found at the top right most of the screen. It shows how popular and luxurious your club is.
  • DJ Actions – right beside your avatar, there are 3 icons that you can use during game play. The record, when clicked, will refresh your set and let you choose the music genre that will be playing in your club. The time below it shows what time your set will finish. The clock is based on your computer’s clock. The speaker icon will drop the bass and make your guests go to the bar. Lastly, the microphone icon targets any guest to increase its happiness level.

Nightclub City

  • Workers – once you start hiring friends their profile picture will appear at the left side of the interface. Hover your mouse over each and you will see their current job.
  • Bar supplies – a purple bar found on the right side of the screen acts like a meter showing you how much you still have. Hover your mouse over it and you will see the exact number and clicking on it will restock it with 100 drinks at a time.
  • Your Money – right smack in the middle you’ll see how much cash you have.
  • Message box – at the lower left side, by default you will see the game’s logo. During the game, if you click on any guest, a worker or your avatar, a message box will appear which will show actions you can take or statistics of each guest.
  • The Menu – different icons see just above your friends list is the main menu. You can customize your avatar, add friends to your entourage, hire workers, decorate your club, see your celebrity wall and book celebrities.
  • Neighbors – here you can invite a friend to be a neighbor and scroll through the list of neighbors for you to visit.

Personalize your DJ Avatar

You now run a club and your image needs to stand out from the crowd. Clicking on the first icon on the main menu will open a window to let you customize your avatar.

Nightclub City

You can choose your gender, skin and hair color, hairstyle, face features, clothes and shoes. By clicking each icon at the bottom, you’ll be able to customize it even further. Do you want to be blond, a brunette or even have fangs, go right ahead. You can also click on the dice if you want the game to randomly show you “ready to wear” avatars. Since you’ve just started, you can customize this at a later time or at any point you want to change, you can do that as well.

Decorating your Club

Placing the right equipment and furniture will increase your luxury and happiness level. Clicking on the paint bucket icon will open a window where you can buy your DJ booth, dance and club floor tiles, your bar, chairs and booths, wallpaper and some high valued decors.

As you progress through the game, higher valued items will be unlocked. If you mouse over each item, some will show you the luxury points you get when purchased, booking and drink price for booths and bars. Though aesthetics is good to keep your bar looking great, look at the statistic for each item to help you strategize in order to make the right purchase.

Nightclub City

Your DJ Set

arlier levels will only provide you limited items, your DJ system included. The default system lets you play your set every 15 minutes. This is a short time to wait (for serious gamers) while you watch your guests streaming in and watch your club’s activities. You can also leave the game open in the background and listen to the music while you do other things. Once you hear the music stop, your set is done. You can then start your set again. An alternative way is to refresh your set which will extend restart the clock and calculates the next 15 minutes from the time you refreshed.

When you progress through the game, you can purchase other systems that give you a longer set. Some give you 5 or 6 hours, even 12 but they are available at very high levels.

Hire Bartenders and Bouncers

You will be able to hire your first worker in no time. This is part of the tutorial that is built into the game. As you level up, you will be able to hire more friends to be either a bartender or bouncer.

It’s important to hire 1 bartender and 1 bouncer in the beginning, prioritizing the former. It just doesn’t make sense not to offer drinks in a club. Your customers will be unhappy and this will decrease their happiness level and will also lower your popularity level.

Nightclub City

A bartender will appear behind a bar that is close to each other. If you have two separate bars and only have 1, you’ll leave one bar empty and customers will start complaining. So keep those bars together for now so 1 worker can manage it.

A bouncer is needed to keep the peace in your club. Place them in areas where guests tend to hang out like near bars and empty spaces. A red circle will appear which will be your guide. Your bouncer will handle the situation automatically within their area. You can also manually remove a guest when needed.

Nightclub City]

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