New elements are set to freshen up the line-drawing formula

Managing traffic can be an awfully big challenge for iPhone gamers. Whether we’re navigating airplanes in Flight Control or directing taxi cabs in Fare City, line-drawing traffic games have been a portable treat for more than a year now. The latest of these, CrossRoads, is set to launch tomorrow. And the developers are promising some features that should really help this one break away from the pack.

Players will guide different vehicles to a variety of locations in CrossRoads by drawing paths with their fingers. Each vehicle will have a different destination. The goal is to get each safely to their desired locations while avoiding traffic accidents along the way. Clearly the game is rooted in the basics of the genre. It’s what it builds on top of this that have the potential to make CrossRoads unique.


Special events that will spice up the gameplay will be featured in each of the game’s four maps. One map may require a player to burst balloons that are blocking their vision, for example, while another may have them shaking their iPhone to disperse some clouds. A Halloween map will feature the occasional zombie attack, while the map set in Japan will suffer earthquakes where players must repair the damage. Additional maps will be available for purchase from an in-game store.

Interactive events aren’t the only thing that will set CrossRoads apart from its line-drawing competitors. The game is set to feature a multiplayer component that will let players join up with their friends on other maps, or send vehicles to their opponents’ screens to make their experience even more challenging. Weapons become available in this mode as well, allowing you to distract your friends by triggering your own special events in their game. Multiplayer will only be available over local Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Social integration will also be included, offering players the chance to post their scores to Facebook and Twitter. In addition to these, CrossRoads will implement leaderboards and more than 60 achievements features on the OpenFeint network . Advanced press information is also boasting about the incorporation of time management elements into the genre, though it remains unclear if this refers to players attempts to manage events and traffic simultaneously, or some yet undisclosed feature.

For those of you eager to play traffic warden, you won’t have long to wait. CrossRoads should be available on the App Store starting tomorrow.