The popular PC puzzler about Poseidon is going portable!

When we reviewed the PC version of Call of Atlantis back in 2008 we were elated. A match-3 game with deeper than usual gameplay, Call of Atlantis offered up a perfectly pleasing puzzle experience. Now nearly, 2 years later, Playrix is bringing that experience to the iPhone.

Poseidon is a god that’s not too happy with his followers. The residents of Atlantis haven’t really shown him the appreciation due a god, so he did the only thing he could think of – he cut off their power. To get it back, players will travel to 7 ancient lands to find mysterious crystals of power. And how will they capture those crystals? By swapping tiles in match-3 fashion, of course!

Call Of Atlantis

Playrix is promising that Call of Atlantis for the iPhone will remain faithful to its PC counterpart while making specific changes to cater to iPhone users such as touch-screen optimization and the ability to play in both landscape and portrait positions. Other improvements from the PC version include interactive mini-games and Facebook Connect integration.

The game will retain many of the features that made the PC version so much fun – great gameplay, a quality presentation, fun facts about the ancient lands you’re visiting – yet we couldn’t help but notice that a few elements from the original are conspicuously absent from the advance press information for the portable version. The original features 66 levels while this version claims to boast only 54. As well, the original offered some hidden object gameplay, but the words “hidden object” and “HOG” were nowhere to be found in the product’s description.

Sometimes tightening up the package is exactly what’s called for in a portable port, which would explain why some elements may have wound up on the cutting room floor. Still, it’s also possible that these omissions may be no more than an oversight in press information, and that these elements of play may still be intact. Regardless of any possible changes, as long as it plays even a little like its predecessor Call of Atlantis could easily be an iPhone puzzler like no other. Expect this to arrive on the App Store shortly.