With all of the success that streaming video and streaming music have had online in recent years, it was only a matter of time until somebody succeeded in streaming something a little more challenging. InstantAction has just launched a service that will allow developers to stream top quality PC games online that would have previously only been available as a download/retail product.

InstantAction offers an embedded client that can be added to any webpage, not unlike how YouTube operates, and promises to stream games just as effectively as other formats have been streamed before. With InstantAction, developers will no longer be forced to partner with a distribution channel to market their games, as they can offer time-sensitive trials and pay-as-you-play options directly through the service.

“It was only a matter of time before the Internet disrupted the extremely limited distribution channels available to game creators, enabling direct-to-consumer access and more control over sales performance and profits,” said Evan S. Wilson, senior research analyst of Pacific CrestSecurities. “The InstantAction platform virtually obliterates the obstacles to game distribution by making it possible for anyone to embed any video game anywhere on theweb, just like embedding a video. For game creators, this opens up distribution channels that haven’t previously been an option – especially for console-quality games. For consumers, it creates endless possibilities for game discovery, risk-free trial, and faster downloads.”

The service has debuted with a single game, LucasArts popular The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. After spending a few minutes with it we’re delighted to say that InstantAction seems to live up to its promise of streaming PC games that are indistinguishable from their downloaded counterparts. With the right partners in place, InstantAction could be a real game changer for PC gaming.

For more information or to simply try out streaming Monkey Island for yourself, visit InstantAction.com.