As one of the oldest and most respected names in game development, Sid Meier’s voice is one that many of us long to hear. Late last year Meier confirmed that a new Facebook version of his popular Civilization series, tentatively titled Civilization Network, was on the way. recently sat down with Meier to discuss his views on the evolution of video games, bringing Civilization to Facebook, and the role social gaming plays in the industry.

“I think it’s a new frontier. I don’t think it replaces any other forms of gaming. It just is attractive to a different type of gamer. You’re not going to see hard core gamers switching in totality over to social gaming or iPhone gaming or whatever it is, but you’re certainly correct in that there’s a lot of new outlets for gaming, whether it’s iPhone applications – again, a lower development cost – Facebook applications, browser games, all these things. It just enriches the world of gaming as opposed to one thing replacing the other.”

For more, including what motivated him to develop Civilization Network and why he feels more industry veterans like himself are making the jump into social gaming, check out the full interview at Industry Gamers.