Special Enquiry Detail HOG by Floodlight Games will let you release your inner Grissom to solve the case.

Floodlight Games is working on a new hidden object game, Special Enquiry Detail.

The game is clearly influenced by the crime drama themes you would find in hit TV shows as CSI and NCIS. You play as Detectives Turino and Lamonte, recently assigned to the NYPD: Special Enquiry Detail unit. Before they even have time to settle in, they are assigned to a case involving the suspicious death of the daughter of wealthy family o benefactors.

Special Enquiry Detaili

With pressure from the mayor and political establishment to unleash your inner Grissom to find clues, interrogate suspects, and help with forensics to solve the murder.

Special Enquiry Detail

Previously, Floodlight Games developed numerous popular hidden object games in publishing partnership with i-Play, including Agatha Christie: Dead Man’s Folly, Nora Robert’s Vision in White, and the numerous games in the Women’s Murder Club series.

Special Enquiry Detail is their first hidden object game title that they are working on their own. View all our exclusive screen shots and be sure to follow this game with Alerts to be notified the moment it is released.