Mystic Lands is a new medieval role playing game in open beta on Facebook now.

Mystic Lands is a new medieval social role playing (RPG) that is currently in open beta by Rae of Light Entertainment.

Mystic Lands lets you to do all the things you’d expect in any RPG, no matter what the platform. You can go out on quests, fight in an area, build up your character to accomplish tasks, and even build out a village.

Even in beta, Mystic Lands features a robust quest system. Currently, the game has 8 quests with 108 possible outcomes but this should grow as the game is released out of open beta. There is also a Quick Quest option to get average rewards for that quest. Quests can reward you with a variety of rewards from gold to items to help you improve your character’s attributes.

Mystic Lands

You can invite friends to join you on raids and part of the outcome of raids is based on the number of friends you invite. In addition, as you play the game, you can build a village and upgrade your buildings. Your village will focus on one type of resource that is needed to improve your buildings.

Mystic Lands

According to the developer, they plan on adding a lot more new features in the future, including tons of achievements, new random encounters, and a tactical turn based combat engine. Rae of Light also plans on adding quests and new locations to explore in the future. During the beta period, beta testers who provide bug reports and suggestions will get extra rewards for once the full release is completed.

You can play the game now in open beta. Set a game alert to be notified for any updates on the game, including our upcoming review once the game is released from beta.