Doodle Find

Hidden object games are nothing new on the iPhone. From Paranormal Agency to Pure Hidden, PC developers have painstakingly ported a number of their HOG’s to the popular portable device. Hidden object games that are built for the iPhone from the ground up, however, are in short supply. The developers at KlickTock are looking to change all that.

Previously responsible for the iPhone HOG Super Search 60, the developers at KlickTock are looking to take the winning formula of their previous effort into a more social direction. In their upcoming release Doodle Find, players will compete against their friends via Facebook Connect-powered online leaderboards to see who can find the most objects in 90 seconds.

Doodle Find

One of the major drawbacks of bringing hidden object games to the iPhone is that small objects become infinitely harder to see on the device’s 3.5″ screen. The developers behind Doodle Find hope to solve this problem by making all of their items large and colourful, “practically begging to be discovered” according to the game’s press release.

“What I am most proud of is that we took well established casual conventions as inspiration but produced a title that’s completely original”, said Matthew Hall, KlickTock’s Director. “Hidden object games are renowned for being slow paced. However, in our title it’s not uncommon to find over a hundred objects before 90 seconds is up. Once you’ve played our game, you’ll realise that we’ve reinvigorated an entire genre.”

Doodle Find is expected to arrive on the App Store on May 15th, and will be available free of charge.