Before there was Farmville on Facebook, there was Ranch Rush on the PC and Mac. With millions of people online (and offline) pretending to be farmers, it was only a matter of time that FreshGames would release the sequel Ranch Rush 2. And, we got the tropical scoop.

In Ranch Rush 2, our farming heroine Sara and her new monkey companion Coco, harvest exotic produce (pomegranates, pineapples), raise exotic animals (llamas, peacocks), and collect coins which you can spend to design and decorate your farm. There is also a fishing mini-game where you can collect more coins.

Ranch Rush 2

Ranch Rush 2 will also feature

  • 160 + levels
  • 3 game play modes
  • 20+ trophies to snag, brag and share with friends on Facebook
  • 8 upgrades
  • 5 exotic animals to corral
  • 7 crops to harvest
  • 12 decorative items to liven up the farm
  • 5 machines to make ice cream, fruit roll ups, and more

Ranch Rush 2

Check out the Ranch Rush 2 web site for more information and set an alert on Gamezebo to be notified the moment Ranch Rush 2 is released.