Are you a player with a thirst for knowledge, or do you like to save your brain for more creative pursuits? If you can excel at both, ngmoco and On5 want to reward your talents with an iPad.

In their first ever cross-game contest, the makers of Charadium and Quizarium are challenging players to show off their skills. Already underway, the Brain Challenge competition will reward the player with the highest collaborative rank on April 28th with an Apple iPad. If the notion of highest collaborative rank sounds confusing, don’t worry – they spell it out loud and clear on their site;

“To win the Brain Challenge you’ll need to hold the highest combined places in Charadium and Quizarium. For example, if someone has 1st place in Charadium and 7th place in Quizarium, and you have 2nd places in both games, you win! That’s because 2+2 (4th place) is higher than 1+7 (8th place).”

Free versions of both games are available on the AppStore, so you won’t need to purchase anything to get in on the action. For more information, visit the official Brain Challenge contest site.