Free games are all around us, but they may not be as easy to find as you’d think. We help you sort through the App Store to find the latest price drops and limited time offers so that you won’t have to spend a penny. Today’s free games include an Intellivision classic, a jigsaw puzzle made of light, some escape-the-maze gameplay and more!

Free iPhone Games is a new feature on Gamezebo. Be sure to check back every day to discover the latest and greatest games that have just gone free on the App Store!

newsChromixa – Jigsaw puzzles can be a pretty big challenge, but have you ever tried to solve one made of light? Combine colors and shapes in this geometric puzzler. Normally $2.99, Chromixa is free today as part of the freeappaday program.

newsGustav of the Baltic Sea – Gustav is a little fish living in the gloomy waters of the Baltic Sea. Help Gustav collect air bubbles so to help him breathe while avoiding attacks by jellyfish, robot fish, and even monster fish! This one’s a tad on the easy side – definitely good for the little ones. Normally $2.99, this little fishy will be swimming around for free today only.

newsJailbreak: Voice Onrush – This Pac-Man style puzzler places you in the shoes of a victim of amnesia, on the run from people she doesn’t remember and discovering some amazing powers she didn’t know she had. Recently featured in our article 5 iPhone games that should cure your Pac-Mania, Jailbreak is free today only.

newsShort Order Cook – Find matching food items in this culinary take on the classic children’s game Memory. Can you remember where the match for the cookie is? How about the pie? This one is free courtesy of OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day promotion.

newsTheseus – Find the exit to the maze before the terrifying minotaur finds you in this unique maze puzzle inspired by the works of Robert Abbott. Normally $3.99, you can thank for its one day of zero cost.

newsVH1 Classics Presents: Intellivision – It may lean heavily on micro-transactions, but the recently released Intellivision emulator is free to download and comes with the only Intellivision game you probably care about – AstroSmash. Additional games like Night Driver and Thunder Castle are 99 cents each; not a bad price to relive the early 80’s, but we’re more about the one free classic that’s included.