Is anyone else up for a game of billiards? Namco Networks has just released some interesting statistics regarding Pool Pro Online 3, proving the virtual pool hall can be just as popular as its real world counter-part.

Released back in March on the iPhone, the game has seen its numbers climb by 20,000 since the release of the iPad version on April 3. Pool Pro Online 3 has also seen more than 250,000 games played in that time, with 75% of its players logging in for more every day.

On average players are spending 30 minutes in each session, with half of all users playing more than 3 sessions a day. Two thirds of those players have participated in online games, where iPhone players can compete against both other iPhone users and iPad users.

Players looking for some extra competition should get some soon. The PC version of Pool Pro Online 3 is expected shortly, and will support competition between the PC, iPhone and iPad courtesy of Namco’s UniteSDK game engine.

With so many gamers coming back for more, Pool Pro Online 3 must be doing something right. We certainly thought so; check out our 4 star review to see why.