I-play’s next hidden object adventure, Deadtime Stories, begins in a unique New Orleans “amusement park” run by a creepy fellow named Edward Blackgate called Everlasting Life. Edward has a particularly morbid sense of humor, as it turns out, because Everlasting Life is actually a cemetery.

This spooky HOG is based on a 19th-century New Orleans ghost story. The gameplay, which spans 26 locations, challenges players to free trapped spirits, cast spells by fusing hidden objects, foraged plans and spirit riddles, and unlock item fragments to reveal the story of a misguided voodoo queen.

Deadtime Stories

Here’s some more info from the official Deadtime Stories website:

A well-established member of New Orleans society, and host to the community’s most spectacular galas, Madame Lalaurie was known as a sweet mannered, gracious and captivating woman… until whispers of secrets beyond human belief grew louder and louder.

Superstition had passersby’s speaking of atrocities too graphic in nature hidden within the Lalaurie home: a great wall of torture, murder and ghastly scientific experiments being practiced. The chase of a young indentured girl ending with a three story fall to ultimate death AND a mysteriously house fire that would chase Madame LaLaurie out of New Orleans forever…

As one of the oldest and most multi-faceted cities in the United States, New Orleans is filled with tales similar to the LaLaurie’s. But the gruesome horror of this particular chain of events is so dreadful, it stains the city’s memory to this very day.

It looks like Deadtime Stories will launch on April 29.