Game Factory Interactive (GFI) has announced that Diamon Jones: Devil’s Contract, the third game in the Diamon Jones adventure game series, is currently in development with a release date to be announced soon.

Devil’s Contract is the follow-up to Diamon Jones: Amulet of the World and Diamon Jones: Eye of the Dragon and continues the story of Diamon Jones, a rough-around-the-edges archaeologist with a roguish charm who’s always travelling around the world in search of something interesting – and valuable!


In this newest instalment, Diamon attempts to leave his globe-trotting lifestyle behind by settling down and opening a small restaurant and Paris. Alas, adventure seems to follow Diamon wherever he goes, whether he wants it or not. This time it shows up in the form of a suspicious person who shows up in Diamon’s restaurant being pursued by a man dressed as Elvis Presley and a two-headed Cerberus dog.

According to GFI, the game’s Russian developer/publisher, Diamon Jones: Devil’s Contract will include 15 locations, 13 mini-games, and a story that takes Diamon into the depths of Hell itself where he’ll match wits with the devil – and get the chance to become a Hollywood star.

The first two Diamon Jones games were praised for their interesting puzzles and detailed visuals and character animations, but suffered from hackneyed dialogue and very poor localization into English. Here’s hoping the third game in the series is able to overcome the gaffes of its predecessors. We’ll find out when the game launches! In the meantime, sign up for an Alert over on the Diamon Jones: Devil’s Contract page if you’d like to be notified about when the game comes out.