From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Twilight, people have found the idea of forbidden love between human girls and sexy vampire boys intriguing. Set in a 19th-century English village, PlayFirst’s upcoming hidden object adventure Love & Death: Bitten features such a romance between a vampire named Damon and Victoria, a strong-willed girl who belongs to the village Damon is sent to terrorize.

Although Victoria and Damon are intrigued by each other from the start, and their fates are apparently intertwined, Victoria is walking a dangerous path. Damon is being held in thrall by an evil witch who sends him to the village to grab mortals to feast on. However, Victoria learns that there might just be a spark of humanity left in Damon after all – if she’s able to free him from the witch’s control.


Players will get to experience Love and Death: Bitten from both characters’ points of view. Gameplay is best described as adventure (picking up inventory items and using them to solve puzzles) with a generous helping of hidden object sections thrown in – by way of a crow who flies in with a parchment in its mouth that gives you a list of things to find, a few items of which will come in handy later on.

Each “scene” is part of a larger world that players can freely move through (similar to Dream Chronicles). In the couple of hours we got to spend with a pre-release copy of the game, there was a wonderful variety of different things to do. Playing as Damon, for example, we had to find enough blood from various sources (don’t worry, nothing graphic!) to give the vampire enough strength to force open a door. As Victoria we had a great time following a very intricate and challenging potion recipe by first gathering the necessary ingredients then mixing them in the proper order using the right tools. Even the hidden object searches weren’t completely straightforward, with clues like “four fruit in a bowl” which meant that we had to find four different fruits and drag them one by one into an empty fruit bowl.


We’re looking forward to exploring more of the game for a full review, and of course we’re dying to find out what happens between Victoria and Damon!

Love & Death: Bitten launches on April 13.