Hamlet is an upcoming casual adventure game that was created by Denis “mif2000” Galanin, an indie game developer from Russia. According to the game’s publisher, Alawar, Hamlet has a unique visual style, a lot of humor, and gameplay similar to Amanita Design’s Machinarium.

We’re also calling it the “game of many titles” here at Gamezebo because we’ve also seen the game referred to as “mif2000’s Hamlet,” “Hamlet, or last game without MMORPG elements, shaders, and product placement,” and, earlier in its development cycle, Gamelet.


It’s a re-imagining of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” story, with the player controlling a man from the future who has been dropped into Hamlet’s world and must solve a variety of logic puzzles to make it through. The trailer features a visual interpretation that can only be described as unique, and that looks to be light-hearted and fun — if the electric guitar-toting caricature of King Claudius is anything to go by.

Hamlet is launching on April 8.