Gamezebo is excited to announce the April 1 launch of Big White Bunny Games, a brand new casual games portal that will sell nothing but hidden object games. Under the catchy slogan “A New Game Every Hour!” the portal promises to do just that by releasing 24 hidden object games each day, seven days a week.

A Big White Bunny spokesperson told Gamezebo that the company hopes this ambitious launch schedule of 168 new games per week will be robust enough to keep up with casual gamers’ voracious demand for hidden object games, or “HOGs” as they are colloquially known.

In addition to HOGs, the portal will also offer games from the various HOG sub-genres such as “fractured-object games” (FROGs), “darkened object games” (DOGs), “hidden object adventure games” (HOAGIES) and “what’s so special about this paper clip that I have to keep finding it over and over again?” games (WSSATPCTIHTKFIOAOAs).

The first games to appear on Big White Bunny at launch will be:

  • Hidden Mysteries: Secret of the Crystal Treasure
  • Curse of the Pyramids: The Lost Mystery of the Egyptian Pharaoh
  • Haunted Cases of the Titanic: The Secret Orb
  • The Adventures of Jane Fox and the Mysterious Secrets of the Amazon
  • Outer Mysteries: The Gates of Time
  • Madison McGee and the Lost City of Mystery
  • Hidden Crimes: The Tiger Woods Story
  • Mysterious City: Flint, Michigan
  • Treasure Finders: Seeking the Cursed Stone of Doom
  • Mysterious Wonders: The Tale of the Abominable Snowman Lost in the Bermuda Triangle
  • Lost at Sea: Curse of the Soggy Secrets
  • Lost at Sea 2: The Jane Doe Affair
  • Mystery of the Hidden Treasures, Vol. 2 (also known as Secret Treasures of Amelia Earhart: Explorer Quest)


(Above: A screenshot of the Big White Bunny exclusive hidden object game Hidden Mysteries: Secret of the Crystal Treasure)

Games will sell for $6.98, and premium versions of games will also be offered for $20 that will include 53% more randomly hidden paper clips, more mysteries, desktop wallpapers of the developer’s assorted pets, and a free massage by a Swedish man named Sven.

Big White Bunny is also running a limited time launch sale where you can get 50% off your order by entering the discount code APRILFOOL at checkout.