Star Wars Cantina

Serving up drinks and dishes has never been an easy task – just ask Flo from the Diner Dash series. But despite all the unruly customers Flo has had to deal with, she’s never seen a crowd like this. Star Wars: Cantina is set to take the time management formula to the stars in its upcoming iPhone release.

Like the aforementioned Diner Dash series, Star Wars: Cantina puts you in the well-worn shoes of a waitress that’s trying to satisfy the needs of her customers. The Thirsty Bantha Cantina is filled with an assortment of alien species that should be familiar to Star Wars fans. Rodians, Gamorreans, Hutts, Jawas, Twi’leks and even the occasional stormtrooper have all been confirmed as regular clientele.

Star Wars Cantina

The customers drink orders will all be mixed by Robb the bartender, which means the only task the player needs to worry about is making sure that the right customers get the right orders. According to the team at THQ Wireless, accuracy and speed will play an essential role.

The visual style appears to take a light-hearted comical approach to the Star Wars universe, with cartoony art depicting both the characters and environments. Players will be able to decorate their cantinas however they see fit in an effort to appeal to their customers, and will be able to enjoy both a career mode that offers a storyline and an endless shift mode that should put your waitressing skills to the test.

Star Wars: Cantina will be available on the App Store this Friday, April 2nd.