Game developers who take advantage of the social features that Scoreloop has to offer are about to join the world of in-app monetization thanks to the latest version of Core Social SDK.

The latest version of Scoreloop’s development kit, which was made available earlier this morning, supports both downloadable content and in-game currencies. Developers will be able to add these features into new products as well as existing ones.

“We’re absolutely thrilled by the feedback coming in from the first developers with early access to our new SDK. This is exactly what they’ve been looking for: a set of creative tools that improve the visibility of their games, connect their users for increased engagement and drive revenues through exposure to millions of users. All under their control, without giving up their most precious asset–the users–to a branded and closed platform.” said Marc Gumpinger, Scoreloop CEO.

In a recent conversation with Gamezebo, Gumpinger explained that the freemium business model not only opens up new revenue opportunities for developers, but makes the games more accessible to players. “It’s very fair for the consumer. They can get access to the game, try it, and decide whether they’re willing to spend money on it. And because of that it lowers entry barriers for users to give freemium games a try.”

This isn’t the first time in recent months that Scoreloop has made changes to their platform to enhance their offering for developers. Back in December they became the first mobile social gaming platform to offer cross-platform support when their Core Social technology began to support Android. This allows iPhone gamers to compete against their Android-playing friends in what Gumpinger calls “an amazing experience.”

The new features of Core Social SDK are available to those developing for Android as well, but Gumpinger says the real focus right now is on the iPhone and iPad. “While they’re both running on the same OS, being able to support downloadable content and virtual goods for both platforms does become really sophisticated. If one user owns both devices, what happens to the virtual goods they got from playing on the iPhone now that they’re playing on iPad as well? Scoreloop handles these cases in a very elegant and flexible way, so the support for iPhone and iPad really is a very deep one.”

In addition to cross-platform support and in-game monetization, Gumpinger is also quite proud of Scoreloop’s ‘white label’ nature, which allows players to access Scoreloop features without needing to disengage from the game experience. “This means that game developers can fully integrate all of our features and the entire infrastructure directly into the game. This is so important because it warrants for a much better user experience than if you had to send people into any remote platform. In addition to that, it allows developers to fully retain their brand experience.”

Scoreloop’s latest features will be showcased in the recently released Astro Ranch and the upcoming Parachute Panic HD for both the iPhone and iPad. For more information, visit Scoreloop online at