2010 seems to be a year of change for the casual games market. A variety of companies, from Electronic Arts to ngmoco, are all developing new business strategies that pertains to casual gaming. Even Gamezebo hasn’t been immune to these sweeping shifts in the industry. So it should come as no surprise that Playfirst, makers of the popular Diner Dash series, are rethinking their perspectives on the industry as well. Gamasutra recently spoke with Playfirst CEO Mari Baker to discuss their new take on the industry for 2010.

“We believe the historic definition of casual games is somewhat either irrelevant or expanded — however you want to look at it — in the new world,” says Baker. “As the price points continue to drop, it starts to become very difficult to maintain your standards of excellence as the revenues that you’re getting really fall quite precipitously. That’s where we’re trying to realign in the organization.”

Baker says Playfirst is taking a look at new possibilities on home consoles, mobile devices, and social networks, while remaining committed to the audience that helped build them in the first place. For more information, check out the full article at Gamasutra.com.