Playbrains’ frenzied take on the good old match-3 puzzle game, Babo Crash, will be launching for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Google’s Android mobile devices on March 29. While the game starts out with familiar Bejeweled-style gem-swapping gameplay, the game promises to quickly introduce new twists to the formula like controllable “hero characters,” each with their own special abilities.

So how does the gameplay work, exactly? At its basic level, it’s classic match-3. Swap adjacent tiles to match 3 in a row and clear them from the playfield. Match four tiles, and you create a Hero. Heroes have special abilities that are triggered when you include the Hero in a match.

Babo Crash

Each Hero has a name, backstory, and special power. Take Grok, for example. This angry-looking blue fellow has the ability to ricochet like a pinball through a tight area, smashing all gems nearby. Other heroes can be used to destroy gems of a specific color, disintegrate specific rows of gems, and even glide above the playfield to destroy gems in a specific spot. Some of the heroes can be steered using the iPhone’s tilt functionality. Creating the ultimate match – five gems in a row – creates Robo. Playbrains didn’t reveal exactly what Robo does, but we’re looking forward to finding out.

Babo Crash

According to Playbrains, Babo Crash will gradually ramp up the game’s intensity by tossing out challenges like real-time enemy combat, destructive power-ups, chain reactions and evolving objects. Players will also be able to rotate the screen to shift the direction of gravity and control collapses and bombs.

At launch, Babo Crash The game will feature 21 levels, and Leaderboards and Achievements via OpenFeint.

The game also features native support for the iPad. According to Playbrains, rather than upscaling Babo Crash for the iPad, the game was re-engineered for the iPad’s more advanced display and hardware.

Babo Crash will be available for the iPad on April 3 when the device itself launches. The other versions of the game for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android mobile devices will be available on March 29.