Kongregate, an indie games site that offers more than 25,000 free-to-play Web games, has launched Remnants of Skystone, an exclusive browser-based Steampunk multiplayer game that runs on Kongregate’s Konduit Application Platform.

Remnants of Skystone is a Kongregate exclusive that was developed by Flipline Studios and had been in private beta (available only to Kongregate community members over a certain level) since early January.

The free-to-play browser-based game features 2D side-scrolling gameplay with more than 100 quests and missions and three playable character classes in a Steampunk-themed world. Players can take part in weekly multiplayer co-op missions and use the spoils they earn from missions to decorate a personalized floating house. Players can also visit the central floating city of Nidaria to meet up with other players, take on missions and quests, and shop for new clothing, furniture, or restoratives.

“Using the Konduit platform, we have the opportunity to leverage that existing community while building up our own, as well as providing our players with the easy-to-use Kreds platform and its range of payment options,” said Matt Neff, co-founder of Flipline Studios.

Kongregate’s Konduit platform lets developers integrate any browser-based game with Kongregate’s array of community features, such as achievements, leaderboards, virtual goods, profiles, high scores, and chat – all of which are designed to offer gamers a more social experience.

According to Kongregate, the company’s virtual item revenue has been growing by 30% each month since the launch of the platform back in December, 2009.

Check out Remnants of Skystone here.