Fans of SimCity will be delighted to know that the mother of all city simulations will be returning to iPhones this summer with the upcoming release of SimCity Deluxe.

SimCity Deluxe is set to offer the same type of urban planning that fans of the series have come to know and love, with a few new twists added in to the mix as well. Players will be able to modify terrain with the touch of a finger, allowing them to control the landscape by essentially finger-painting their own water, land and trees. The game also promises to let players experience winter, spring, summer and fall — complete with seasonal specific disasters.

SimCity Deluxe

Veterans of the previous SimCity experience on the iPhone will be pleased to know that this new version will offer a number of improvements. The user interface has been revamped from the previous outing to feature larger buttons and more accessible items. Graphics have received a major overhaul as well, with the promise of better frame rates and a visual style that more closely resembles the PC release SimCity 4.

Seven different start cities will be available at launch, as well as seven different scenarios for prospective mayors to play through. While there is no confirmation on what these scenarios will be, recently released screenshots do showcase some ancient Egyptian content, so it seems likely that at least one of these situations will take place in the land of the pharaohs.

SimCity Deluxe

It seems as though the developers took complaints about the previous version to heart, though we won’t know for sure how well these tweaks perform until SimCity Deluxe is released for the iPhone and iPod Touch this summer.