FishVille fans can put down the filter and net for a bit and pick up a pitchfork, as Zynga has just added some limited time FarmVille items into the popular aquarium simulation, including a new fish – the Seacow.

The Seacow is joined by a host of FarmVille themed creatures, plants and items. Bales of kelp, tractor subs, and chickens in turn-of-the-century diving helmets are all available for purchase in game.


These FarmVille items aren’t the first cross-promotional items that FishVille has included lately. Players who reach level 10 in YoVille will unlock an algae-eating snail, and players who travel to Bangkok in Mafia Wars will unlock the ‘dark horse’ sea horse. With cross-promotional successes like these, I suppose it’s only a matter of time until we’re seeing players visiting Cafe World to cook the fish they raised in FarmVille.