Love is in the air and wedding bells are not far behind. But to make sure everything can go off without a hitch, there’s a lot that has to be done in order to make this special day for a young, happy couple a perfect one. And guess what? You’re the person who’s been hired to make it all happen! The latest wedding planning adventure in the upbeat hidden object series, Dream Day Wedding: Bella Italia is another whirlwind of wedding wackiness.

This time around you’ve been hired by an eager young man named Andrew who’s anxious to surprise his Italian girlfriend Isabella with the most perfect wedding proposal he can muster. Giving him a helping hand to plan the sneaky engagement, you’re soon whisked away to the beautiful city of Florence, Italy to set the stage for romance. Your much-needed services only just getting underway when Isabella finally agrees to take the big plunge, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find time to venture out on some sight seeing excursions as well.

 Bella Italia

From picking out the perfect dress and making sure the rings are in order to dealing with the nervous in-laws and troubleshooting the inevitable snags that pop-up in the plans, there’s a lot of tasks to tackle in your time abroad and not much time to do so. You’ll need a good eye for fine detail to get the job done, since so much of your work revolves around hunting down tons of well-hidden items tucked away amidst beautiful scenes of bridal bliss (well, and bridal chaos too).

Each level gives you a time limit and a list of items you must find. Clicking on the screen too often without hitting the missing objects gives you a time penalty, while successfully finding multiple items in a row adds to your time. You also have a limited number of hints available to use, and collecting blue birds of happiness hidden throughout the game earns you extra hint opportunities that come in handy in some of the more elaborate stages.

In addition to searching for a random mix of objects, you’ll also occasionally hunt for specific items of the same type hidden in a given scene. For example, one stage is a garden filled with many colorful different kinds of flowers to sort through. Another tasks you with tracking down various types of scissors, gems, and sewing needles. There are also amusing crisis missions that require you to fix a variety of potentially catastrophic wedding planning disasters and find a way out of some sticky situations. Whether it’s picking up the pieces after a creepy bird infestation tears down your perfectly set out romantic spot or accidentally being locked in a retail shop back room and having to find a way to fix the broken key, there are some interesting surprises in store. Other mini-games like memory card matching, decorative wedding item creation, and even a maze exploration adventure throw fun extras into the gameplay.

 Bella Italia

Like the other hidden object games in the popular Dream Day Wedding series, Bella Italia is a sharp looker. Whether you’re poring over a horrendously messy office workspace, a guest bedroom in great need of some tidy TLC, or a gorgeous outdoor scene filled with nature’s bounty and flowing fountains, the extravagant level of detail and polish found in every aspect of the game’s design is impressive. The numerous objects you must find are very cleverly hidden, since even with the extra clutter, the scenes are still quite beautiful looking. While some locations do repeat themselves with slightly different decorations, there are many new sights to soak in. The new addition of animated details in some scenes is also a great touch that tops off the presentation.

Bella Italia‘s stellar presentation and addictive gameplay is a lot of fun, even if you may not be as interested in the wedding themed shenanigans themselves. The difficulty can be scaled to suit your level of play. The classic play mode is generous with its time limits and can be paused if you get into a sticky spot. It also lets you skip mini-games. You can also choose to play an easier untimed mode if the constantly moving clock stresses you out. Hardcore hidden object players can even strive to unlock the Seasoned Traveler mode. This tougher mode throws the hardest mini-games at you, which can’t be skipped. It also features lists with up to 100 items on them in a given level and gives you less time to find them. Whichever way you choose to play, rest assured this high quality hidden object adventure is packed with lots to enjoy.