3bot is an upcoming arcade puzzle game for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad that looks neat for a few reasons. First there’s the retro 60s sci-fi graphics and outerspace setting, then there’s the fact that the game, as the title implies, revolves around the number “3.”

The star of the game is the 3bot, a three-legged robot designed to crawl over 3D shapes composed of triangles, which as we all know have three sides. There are 45 levels (3 worlds with 3+3+3+3+3 levels each).

A shape’s surface changes color whenever 3bot moves over it, so the goal is to change the entire shape to a different color by moving 3bot and rotating the camera to keep the robot in view. Developed by Devkid in cooperation with Pixelfederation, 3bot also features gesture-based controls and global score leaderboards. According to the game’s Facebook page players will also be able to customize the robot