The thought of handing a high tech device over to a 2 year old may seem downright horrifying to those without children, yet more and more parents are trying to get their little ones acclimatized to our largely tech-dependent world by having them embrace these gadgets early. There’s a vast selection of iPhone applications that cater to the toddler market, ranging from coloring books to interactive stories and games. Now Fisher-Price, one of the longest-lasting names in toddler toys, is looking to get in on the action.


Fisher-Price has just launched three different apps in partnership with developer IDEO, all of which draw from classic Fisher-Price properties. See’n’Say, Little People Farm, and the Chatter Telephone are now available on the iTunes AppStore, each costing less than $2. If you’re a parent looking for introduce your youngsters to some of the toys you grew up on, these new apps should help you do so without breaking the banking.