Nitrome, a London, U.K.-based studio with more than 70 Flash games to its credit, is expanding into new platforms with Super Feed Me for the iPhone/iPod Touch. The company’s first title for the mobile platform will be loosely based on Nitrome’s original Feed Me Flash game which was created in 2006, although the company says the new game has been designed from the ground up with the iPhone in mind.

Nitrome recently released a trailer for the game, which features the company’s familiar and distinctive style of pixel-art graphics. Players control a rather monstrous-looking plant (that reminds of the man-eater from Little Shop of Horrors) that moves by pulling itself along with its massive jaws and long bendy “neck.”

Players move the plant around using a touch-based control mechanism that involves touching to grab ground, walls or ceilings and dragging or swinging the plant towards them. You’ll also aim for insects to gobble and objects, tools and machinery to interact with – such as levers and hooks.

More details, such as pricing and release date, will be revealed in a future announcement.