We’ve all sketched things in our notebooks during class before, but how many of us have ever seen those doodles come to life? Sketch Nation Shooter, an upcoming top-down 2D shooter for the iPhone, lets players draw their own images on paper and bring them to life within the game.

The gameplay in Sketch Nation Shooter follows the traditional vertical shooting formula originated in arcade classics like Xevious and 1942. What makes this title unique is the overwhelming customization possibilities. Players can create their own ships, enemies, and bosses by sketching them out on paper. Level design can also be customized. Players can choose where enemies will be placed, what their trajectory will be, and how quickly they’ll move. Locations for power-ups, which weapons and ammo the boss will have – there’s enough creativity placed in the players hands to create a unique experience every time. You’ll even be able to draw your own introduction.

Sketch Nation Shooter

To capture all of your hand drawn creations you’ll need to make use of the iPhone’s built-in camera. If you have an iPod Touch (or, when released, an iPad), you’ll need to import the photos into the game from your devices photo library or choose from pre-created art packs.

Once you’ve completed your levels, you’ll be able to upload and share them through the Sketch Nation Network. Other players will be able to play your levels and rate them, and you’ll be able to do the same. Should the game develop a thriving user content community, it’s entirely possible that the number of levels available for play will be endless.

Sketch Nation Shooter is expected to release in early April.