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Welcome to the Habitat Rescue – Lion’s Pride walkthrough on Gamezebo. Habitat Rescue – Lion’s Pride is a simulation game created by Rebel Monkey. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to how to complete Habitat Rescue – Lion’s Pride.


  • Cubs take care of themselves. They cannot work until grown.
  • Cubs will become adults after approximately 24-28 hours.
  • Cubs born of two Lions with matching skills will occasionally produce an offspring with Advanced Master of a Skill.
  • Once achieve Large Pride, approximately 25 Lions and/or Cubs, the pride will not produce any more cubs until population decreases.
  • Can influence breeding, if have not reached max population. Pair two Lions until one Lion proposes to the other. This will require several attempts.
  • If Male Lion proposes, the Female, the majority of the time, will accept. If Female Lion asks, the majority of the time, the Male Lion will decline.
  • The older a Lion gets the more often they tend to wait to a dangerous health level before eating, requiring you to keep an eye on them more often.
  • Lion Health levels.
    150 – 75 Health = Healthy
    75 – 37 Health = Unhealthy
    36 – 1 Health = Dying (Represented by a Red Ring when selected)
    0 Health = Death
  • Adult Lions lose Health when performing certain activities and regain health when eating.
  • Adult Lions will live for approximately one week before passing on.
  • Be sure to check Map occasionally and check for any red Lion icons. This represents the Lions health in the Dying range. If they do not eat soon they will die.
  • Lions will spend long periods eating even when already full.
  • To move Lions to a task, click on a Lion and drag it to the objective. Click again to release them and start working on the objective.
  • When moving a Lion, tasks they can work on are represented with a Red Arrow.
  • Totems once activated, stay activated until close game.
  • When returning to the game, be sure to reactivate all your Totems.
  • You can have multiple Totems active.
  • Dry Land represented by cracks in the ground give Spirit energy when repaired by clicking on them. These are later replaced with Acid Pools and eventually Gas Veins.
  • To move from Area to Area move mouse to edge of screen or go to the Map and click on the Area you want to see.
  • Be careful when clicking on the Map option in game. If you accidently click twice, the first click will bring up Map and the second click then registers as clicking Main Menu. This will kick you out to the Main Menu and will have to restart your game.

Main Interface

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • You have the options of Play Now, Profiles, Help, Options, and Quit Game.
  • Play Now will start the game with current selected profile. If first time playing you will be asked to create a Profile.
  • Profiles will allow you to switch between saved games or create a new Profile.
  • Help includes several tips and game help. Reading this will help you a lot when playing.
  • Options include control of Music, SFX, and choose of Full Screen.

Game Interface

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • The main game interface includes information on your current selected item, list of Totems and which are currently active, total Spirit Energy, Map, and Menu option.
  • The selected area has a small picture of current selected object. For Lions, this will encompass Name, current Health, and Activity.
  • For game Objectives, this includes the name of the Object, current Progress, and any related Activity.
  • Totems that are highlighted and in full color represent currently active Totem.
  • The Spirit Energy section shows your current accumulated Spirit Energy.
  • Map will bring up the map.
  • Menu will Pause the game and provide four choses. Resume to resume the game. Main Menu will return you to the Main Menu you see when first start game. Options bring up options for Music, SFX, and Full Screen options. Quit Game will bring up a second menu in which can choose to Keep Playing or Quit Game.

Objectives Interface

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • Clicking on Objectives in game will bring up a small interface with current progress, a Good and Bad option, and a More Info option.
  • As an objective is worked on, the Progress Bar will slowly fill until complete.
  • Good and Bad option allows you to help focus which tasks your Lions should focus on.
  • Lions will focus on Objectives marked Good and generally avoid Objectives marked Bad.
  • More Info will bring up second interface.

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • This interface provides more details on your objectives for the selected task, your current progress total, and the Good and Bad options.

Lions Interface

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride
Selecting a Lion and choosing More Info will bring up a new interface with information about the currently selected Lion.
This includes health, sex, current activity, skills, number of children, and a Skill Icon reference.

Map Interface

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • The Map will show all unlocked areas, icons representing all your lions, exclamation icons and option to view all Achievements.
  • Unlocked Areas will appear as empty white areas.
  • A little blue square icon represents each Lion. If the icon turns red, this represents a Lion whose Health has dropped into the Dying range.
  • Red Exclamation points represent areas where Cracks in the earth, Acid Pools, and later Gas Veins have appeared.
  • The Area bracketed horizontally is the area from which you entered the Map.
  • The Area bracketed by the vertical blue bars is your currently selected area. Clicking here will return you to the game in that Area.
  • Clicking Back will take you back to the last Area you were at.
  • Clicking View All in the lower left corner will bring up your Achievements Map.

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • The Achievement Map lists all obtainable Achievements for all areas.
  • Grayed out Achievements are ones you have not achieved yet, where as the full color icons represent Achievements you have already received.


Healing Totem
This Totem heals the land back to its former glory after you have finished all the tasks in each area.

Fertility Totem
When this Totem is active, your Cubs have an increased chance of being born with a skill. This skill will show up once Cubs reach adulthood.

Valor Totem
When this Totem is active, Lion strength increased against foes.

Hunting Totem
Once this Totem is activated, Lions can gather Elk food for the Food Blanket.

Stamina Totem

When this Totem is active, your Lions are resistant to Poisons and Toxins.

Totem of Discovery


Lion Skills

There are five skills:

  • Handy – Pencil behind the ear.
  • Aggressive – Shield on their side.
  • Spiritual – Wearing a headpiece.
  • Social – Carrying drum around the neck.
  • Curious – Glasses worn on face.


Glen Restored
This achievement is received after using the Healing Totem to restore Area 1.

First Birth
This achievement can be achieved as soon as you finish building the Hut in Area 2.

1,000 Spirit Energy
This achievement can be completed at any time. Just keep gathering energy until reach goal.

First Elder
This achievement requires a four-day-old lion. Can only be achieved when actively playing.

First Pride
This achievement requires a pride size of six lions and/or cubs. This one can be achieved in Area 2 as soon as finishing building the Hut.

10 Thousand Spirit Energy
This achievement can be achieved at any time. Just continue to gather energy until reach goal. Rebuilding and using the Lion Temple in Area 3 will help reach this goal quicker.

Three Trees Planted

Forest Soil Restored

Hippos Solved
This achievement is earned once the Hippo’s return to the Lake.

River Restored
Achievement received after destroying the Sewage Drain, in Area 5, and the Dam, in Area 4.

Dikkop Healed
This achievement is earned by helping and feeding the Dikkop Bird in Area 5.

Sewage Pipe Destroyed
Achievement received after destroying the Sewage Drain in Area 5.

Small Pride
Achievement earned by increasing pride to 14 Lions and/or Cubs.

All Locations Discovered

Hyenas Defeated

Mine Destroyed

Mine Restored

Map Unlocked
This achievement is earned once unlock all areas of the map.

1 Million Spirit Energy
This achievement can be reached at any time. Just keep gathering Spirit Energy and restoring the Savannah back to its former glory.

Large Pride
Achieved by increasing your pride to 25 Lions and/or Cubs.

Factory Destroyed
This achievement is earned once the Factory is destroyed in Area 8 and Area 9.


Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride
Each area is marked off and numbered. This numbering is referred to in the guide to denote Areas for ease of use. The Areas are marked one through nine.


Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • You start this are with two lions, one male and one female with no mastered skills.
  • Start by dragging a lion over to explore the Healing Totem. Some locations and objects must be explored several times before Lions can interact with them.
  • After figuring out the Totem, you next need to feed your Lions. The food is located in the upper right corner, represented by berry bushes.
  • First, you need to clear out the reeds clogging the area. Drag one of your lions over to the berry bushes to clear out the reeds.
  • Once the berry bushes are cleared you Lions can eat and regain health. 100 Health is current max.
  • Now drag a lion back to the Totem to uncover it. Need more energy before you can use the Healing Totem to restore Area 1.
  • Next, drag a lion over to the Dead Tree. Continue working on knocking down the Dead Tree.
  • Once have 325 Spirit Energy click on the Healing Totem and activate the Totem to restore Area 1 to its former glory. You will also receive your first Achievement; Restore the Glen.
  • Return to the Dead Tree and continue to work on it until you knock it down. Congrats, you have finished Area 1 and Unlocked Area 2.

Area 2

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • Area 2 will add two new Lions to your Pride both Lions are Handy Lions.
  • You will find an unfinished building, another Totem and a large pile of garbage blocking your progress.
  • Have your two unskilled Lions work on discovering and uncovering the Totem.
  • Meanwhile have your two Handy Lions investigate the Hut and start repairing it. Only Handy Lions can work on the Hut.
  • They will need the reeds you found in Area 1. Drag a Handy Lion to the reeds, they will gather reeds and carry back to the Hut. It requires two stages to repair the Hut.
  • As soon as Hut is finished, Lions will start reproducing. They will do this on their selves or you can try to influence it.
  • One Lion will present a flower to another Lion of the opposite sex. If they accept, both Lions will walk over to the Hut, once both reach the Hut a cub will appear and the Lions will go back to work. If the Lion refuses the overture, represented by shredding the flower, they will walk off and continue to work.
  • As soon as the Totem is finished, be sure to activate it. The Fertility Totem increases chance of your cubs being born with a Mastered skill. The skill will show up once they reach adulthood.
  • The Totem is not required for Cubs to be born it just increases their chance of having a Mastered skill once they reach adulthood.
  • This is when you should reach your next two Achievements, One Thousand Spirit Energy and First Cub Born.
  • Finally, you will want to focus the whole Pride on the Garbage Pile. Once finish clearing the first section you will be able to access Area 3.

Area 3

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • Area 3 adds one new Lion to your pride. This Lion has a Shield on its side representing an Aggressive Lion.
  • You will find the Lion Temple, Sausage Tree and a Hyena.
  • Have one of your Lions discover the Sausage Tree this will provide a second spot for the Lions to feed and increase overall Max Health to 150.
  • Next have a Lion explore the Lion Temple.
  • Start by having your Handy Lions repair the Lion Temple. This will require two stages.
  • For the third stage, you will need a Spiritual Lion to sanctify the Lion Temple.
  • During this time, you will need to continue work on the second stage of the Garbage Pile, in Area 2.
  • Finally, you will need Aggressive Lions to battle the Hyena. This will require three stages.
  • Defeating the Hyena will unlock Area 4.

Area 4

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • Area 4 adds another Lion to your pride. This Lion is wearing a headpiece representing a Spiritual Lion.
  • You will find a third Totem, a broken bridge, a dam, a lake, and some anti-social Hippos.
  • First, you will want to uncover the Totem to reveal the Valor Totem. A Spiritual Lion must do this. This Totem will increase your Lions Strength during battle.
  • Next, you will want to have a Social Lion talk to the Hippo’s.
  • The Hippo’s will refuse to move until you clean the lake up so they can reenter the water.
  • By this point, you should have achieved your next two Achievements; First Pride, requiring six Lions, and Ten Thousand Spirit Energy.
  • Your first cubs should be growing into Adults by now. Use the increase in population to finish the final stage of the Garbage Pile in Area 2.
  • Finally fix the bridge to open Area 5. This will require two stages.

Area 5

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • Area 5 adds a Social Lion to your pride. This Lion is wearing a small drum around its neck.
  • You will also find a second bridge, a pair of Otters, a Sewage Drain and a mother Crocodile.
  • Start with having you Social Lions talking to the Otter and your Handy Lions working on the 2nd Bridge. This will require just one level.
  • Once you complete the 2nd Bridge you will know have access between Area 5 and Area 2.
  • After finish talking to the Otters, they ask you to destroy the Sewage Drain that is polluting the Lake.
  • Have your Aggressive Lions attack the Sewage Drain. This will require two stages.
  • You should at this point receive the Sewage Pipe Destroyed Achievement.
  • The Otters will promise to return the favor later.
  • This will now open Area 8.

Destroying the Dam / Moving the Hippos

  • Now return to Area 4 and you can have your Aggressive Lions to destroy the Dam. This will require just one level.
  • Once done destroying the Dam the River will flow once again. You will now receive the River Restored Achievement.
  • Now return to Area 1 and use the Healing Totem. This will restore Areas 2, 3, 4, and 5.
  • With the lake and river restored, you will no longer see dry cracks in the ground. The polluted Factory in Area 8 and 9 will now cause pockets of acid to appear at random just like the cracks before. Deal with the pools of acid just the same as the cracks.
  • Next, talk to the Hippos; they now require some food so they have the energy to move.
  • Have one of your lions bring some food from the Sausage Tree in Area 3 to feed the Hippos.
  • This requires just one trip.
  • The Hippos will now move into the Lake, allowing access to Area 9.

Healing the Dikkop Bird

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • Area 8 adds a Curios Lion to your Pride. This Lion is wearing glasses on his face.
  • You will also find a Polluting Factory, a Chasm, a new Totem, a Pile of Sticks, and an Injured Dikkop Bird.
  • The new Totem is a Stamina Totem but is inaccessible until the Chasm has been filled.
  • The Polluting Factory and Pile of Sticks cannot be taken care of until later.
  • Instead, have your Social Lions talk to the Injured Bird. This requires just one stage.
  • Next, the Dikkop Bird will ask for some fish to eat.
  • With the river restored and the earlier areas restored you will now find some Fish on the edge of the river in Area 5.

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • You will need to bring the Dikkop Bird five fish for it to eat. Once fully healed the Dikkop Bird will fly off to Area 5 and into Area 6.
  • The Dikkop Bird will take over watching the mother Crocodile’s eggs. The mother Crocodile will now move off and disappear into the river.
  • This will also earn you the Dikkop Healed Achievement.
  • Now you will have access to Area 6.

Repairing the Breeding Hut / Elder Lions

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • With the Hippos moved, you will find a Termite Mound, another Breeding Hut, and the Polluting Factory.
  • Have your Handy Lions repair the new Breeding Hut. They will have to return to Area 1 and gather Reeds to fix the Hut. This will require three stages.
  • By now, your first Lions should be about four days old. At four days, Lions become Elders. Elder Lions are recognized by grey manes, for males, and grey tails, for females.
  • At this point, you should achieve the First Elder Achievement.
  • This achievement can only be achieved if one of your Lions becomes an Elder when you are actively playing.
  • Any Lions that become Elders when you are not actively playing will not count toward this achievement.
  • Also by this point through your work restoring the Savannah and your Lions meditating at the Lion Temple you should be about half way to the 1 Million Spirit Energy Achievement.

The Stone Temple / Hyenas / Filling in the Chasm

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • You will find a Stone Temple, two Hyenas, a new Totem, Food Blanket, Rock Pile, Wooden Fence, and a closed Gate.
  • Start by having your Handy Lions repair the Stone Temple. This will require two stages.
  • Once completed, the Stone Temple will allow your Lions to gather Spirit Energy just like the Lion Temple in Area 3.
  • Meanwhile, have your Aggressive Lions battle the Tough Hyenas. Make sure your Valor Totem, from Area 4, is active or you will not be able to defeat these Hyenas. This will require three stages.
  • Finally while that all is going on, have the rest of your Lions gathering rocks from the Rock Pile and use them to fill in the Chasm in Area 8.
  • With the Chasm filled, you will now have access to the Stamina Totem in Area 8, as well as opening a walkway from Area 6 to Area 1.

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

The Hunting Totem / Elk Meat / The Food Blanket

  • Once the Hyenas are defeated have your Spiritual Lions work on the Hunting Totem. This will require just one stage.
  • With the Hunting Totem finished and activated, the Gate will open.
  • With the gate now open, the Lions can know gather Elk meat.
  • Lions will walk up to gate then come back with a piece of Elk meat, which they will then place, on the Food Blanket.
  • A handful of trips and the Food Blanket will be full. Your Lions can now use this spot as another feeding spot.
  • Lions eating here gather health quicker than other areas.

The Stamina Totem / Destroying the Polluting Factory

  • Return to Area 8. With the Chasm filled, you can know have your Spiritual Lions start work on the Stamina Totem.
  • Only Lions with the Mastered Spiritual skill will be able to work on this Totem. This will require just one stage.
  • Once the Stamina Totem is completed and activated, your Lions can now start work on destroying the Polluting Factory.
  • Aggressive Lions are needed to destroy the Polluting Factory. This will require two stages.
  • With the Factory destroyed, you will receive the Factory Destroyed Achievement.
  • Next, use the Healing Totem, from Area 1 and heal Area 8 and Area 9.

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • Now that Area 8 and Area 9 have been restored you will find a patch of dirt where the Factory used to be.
  • This will require a Curios Lion, cannot be worked on at this point.
  • By this point you probably have reached 1 Million Spirit Energy or very close. Once reach 1 Million Spirit Energy you will achieve the 1 Million Spirit Energy Achievement.

The Termite Mound and The Wooden Fence

  • At this point the Acid Pools will no longer appear, now you must deal with Gas Veins appearing due to the Mine in Area 7.
  • Your next task will require using several spots form several Areas.
  • With the Factory destroyed, Area 8, and Area 9 restored, the Termites have returned to the Termite Mound.
  • You will need the Termites to tear down the Wooden Fence in Area 6.
  • Start by showing your Lions the Pile of Sticks from Area 8 and then the Termite Mound in Area 9.
  • Once the lions start carrying sticks from the Stick Pile to the Termite Mound, you will next need to show the Lions the Wooden Fence in Area 6. This will require just one stage.
  • The Termites will leave behind a pile of mulch from the Wooden Fence.

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • Now that the Wooden Fence finished you will now have access to the final area, Area 7.

The Totem of Discovery

  • You have now unlocked all Areas of the Map, this will earn you the Map Unlocked Badge.
  • Here you will find a Gorilla, a Mine, and your last Totem, the Totem of Discovery.
  • Start by having your Curios Lions investigate the Mine and have your Spiritual Lions work on the Totem of Discovery.
  • When finished discovering the Totem of Discovery, click and “Activate” the totem.
  • The Totem of Discovery allows you to discover hidden places.
  • After activating the totem, you will also see a gold monkey statue on the island in the middle of the lake.
    Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride
  • Activating the Totem of Discovery will also earn you the “All Locations Discovered” Badge.
  • Once the Curios Lions are done investigating the mine, they will notice the Gorilla is concerned about something.
  • Have the Social Lions speak to the Gorilla.

Completing the Game

Area 8 and Area 9

  • Meanwhile, with the Mine and Totem completed you can now work on the Patch of Dirt in Area 8 and Area 9.
  • Start by having the Lions gather the Mulch from Area 6 and bring it to the Patch of Dirt.
  • Once that is completed, you will earn the “Forest Soil Restored” Badge.
  • Next, the Spiritual Lions can start planting seeds. This is where the Otters return the favor.
  • The Spiritual Lions will go and talk to the Otters, one Otter will swim out to the Island in the Lake, gather a seed and bring it back to the waiting Lion.
  • The Lion then can plant the seed in the Fertile Dirt.
  • Upon completing the first stage, a small tree is planted.

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • The second stage will grow the tree.

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • The third stage will bring the tree to full growth.

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • Repeat these steps for all three trees.

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • Once have completed planting and growing all three trees to full growth, you will receive the “3 Trees Planted” Badge.

Area 7

  • Once the Social Lions have finished talking to the Gorilla, the gorilla tells the Lions of a Hidden Poison Tank nearby.
    The Hidden Poison Tank is in Area 9.

Area 9

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • On the edge of Area 9 you will find a Red Skull and Crossbones on the ground.
  • This is where the Hidden Poison Tank is located.
  • This will require four stages.
  • First, the Curious Lions can dig up the Hidden Poison Tank.
  • Next, your Aggressive Lions can start destroying the Poison Tank.
  • Repeat for third stage.
  • Final Stage your Handy Lions will finish tearing down the Poison Tank.
  • After the Lions have finished destroying the Poison Tank, you will find a Label on the ground where the tank used to be.
  • Have a Social Lion bring the Label to the Gorilla in Area 7.
  • The Gorilla will inform the Lions there is a second tank hidden nearby.

Area 5

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • On the edge of Area 5 you will find another red skull and crossbones on the ground.
  • This is where the second hidden poison tank is located.
  • This will require four stages.
  • The process is the same as the last tank.
  • First, the Curios Lions to dig it up.
  • Aggressive Lions to destroy the tank.
  • Repeat for third stage.
  • Finally, Handy Lions can dismantle the Poison Tank.

Area 7

  • Now with both Poison Tanks destroyed the Gorilla will ask you to destroy the Mine.
  • First though you will have to get past the three Hyenas that have shown up.

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • First, be sure the Valor Totem is active.
  • The Aggressive Lions can defeat the Hyenas.
  • This will require two stages.
  • Now that the Hyenas are defeated, have the Aggressive Lions start attacking the Mine.
  • For the second stage of the Mine, have the Curious Lions figure a way to destroy the mine supports.
  • For the third, and final stage, have the Handy Lions clean up the Mine area.
  • Upon completing the objective, you will earn the “Mine Destroyed” Badge.
  • Now return to Area 1 and use the Totem of Healing to remove all traces of the mine and repair the final Area.

Habitat Rescue - Lion's Pride

  • Healing Area 7 will earn the “Mine Restored” Badge.

Congratulation you have helped the Lions restore their Savannah back to its former glory. You may continue playing with your Lion Pride and raise future generations.