Developers are a lot like snowflakes – you’ll never find two that are alike. And while our recent interview with PopCap’s Andrew Stein about the iPad could easily be summed up as cautiously optimistic, Namco Networks appears ready to jump in to the world of iPad development feet first. Jon Kromrey, Namco Networks’ General Manager of Apple Games, gave us the details.

Apple has recently had tremendous success in the gaming market with the iPhone. Does the iPad have the same potential?

The iPad will be the new media device that sets the standard for all publishers and developers around the world. It is not only about delivering media and experiences but giving access to interact and evolve it as well. The iPad can create an experience that varies from the iPhone through its visually stunning graphics—on a scale not yet seen on a handheld device—and the improved wireless connectivity. Also, having a screen that close to you allows a more immersive experience. In fact, our Apple Games group is all about immersing players into experiences – much like the Texas Hold’em app that my team and I created while we were at Apple.

Have you gone hands on with the iPad yet?

Unfortunately I haven’t gone hands-on with the iPad yet, but I’ve been keeping a close watch on how it will serve as a gaming platform through everything Apple and the media have put out thus far.

Will you be tweaking any of you current iPhone games to allow for iPad-friendlier gaming?

Yes. We are already updating our apps to take advantage of the new device’s gorgeous display, powerful chipset, and updated Wi-Fi support. Being able to reach new players and connect with your friends regardless of where they are in the world is an important evolution of social gaming, and in the next few weeks and months we’ll be announcing our titles that support the iPad as well as many other new efforts.

Can we expect to see a Namco game available in the iPad’s launch window?

Yes. We have plans to release an iPad-compatible game in March. Beyond that? Stay tuned for what Namco Networks has in store.

Do you have any other thoughts, feelings, or comments pertaining to the iPad?

Namco Networks is more excited than ever about creating AAA games that take full advantage of the gorgeous 9.7 inch display, improved wireless Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, the blazing 1GHz A4 chip, HD and double-pixel support at launch. With more than 23 million Namco apps downloaded on the iPhone, we feel the iPad will play a significant part of our goal to reach any player, anywhere at any time.