The 2010 Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco began earlier today, and Gamespy kicked off their presence on the show floor by announcing a host of new features for their current suite of tools for iPhone development.

These new features will allow iPhone developers to implement online features such as in-app purchases and push notifications. While not a first for iPhone gaming, the vast majority of titles that offer such features usually belong to a larger network like OpenFeint or Plus+. The GameSpy option is unique in that it doesn’t require a developer to place their game on a network, giving them the opportunity to have network-quality features while remaining independent.

“Unlike competitors in the space, GameSpy is not attempting to create another proprietary platform but act instead as a service provider in order to empower developers,” said Todd Northcutt, Vice President, GameSpy Technology. “Thanks to GameSpy’s iPhone services, the power to control online destiny is now in the hands of people making the games.”

GameSpy’s new features for iPhone development can be previewed on the show floor this week at the 2010 Game Developers Conference. If you’re an interested developer and you’re not at GDC, more information can be found at