The developers behind Doodle Jump have unveiled a startling figure this morning, confirming that the game has sold more than 3 million times since its release less than a year ago. This makes Lima Sky the first independent developer to reach 3 million paid downloads on the App Store.

“Selling over three million copies of Doodle Jump is beyond our wildest expectations,” noted Igor Pusenjak, President and Founder of Lima Sky. “We have to thank our incredible fanbase for their undying support, none of this would be possible without their help.”

Of those 3 million sales, 1.6 million were achieved in 2010. Not only is Doodle Jump the iPhone’s best selling indie game to date, but it’s also 2010’s best selling app so far.

Lima Sky has also released a number of other interesting statistics, like the fact that the game is played over 5 million times a day, and the fact that it has received more than 25 free content updates since the game’s launch.

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