Mochi Media has launched Mochi Social, a new platform for Flash game developers to create, distribute and monetize their social games. The service, which was announced earlier today during Mochi Media’s second annual Flash Gaming Summit in San Francisco, is designed to make it easier for Flash developers to build social features into their games such as allowing players to invite friends, send gifts, or post to an activity stream.

“Social gaming exploded during the last year, with the market now estimated to be worth more than $1 billion,” said Jameson Hsu, CEO of Mochi Media. “Mochi Social takes the experience of social games and makes it completely distributable, able to be played on any Web site inside or outside of social networks. Mochi Social helps developers expand beyond the confines of the existing social canvas to reach a whole new audience and growth.”

These social components will be integrated directly into the game file, making them playable anywhere instead of being confined to a single social network or portal. The platform will currently access a player’s friend lists from Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, with more networks to be integrated in the future.

The platform will also let players broadcast in-game notifications via a notification channel that is open to all fans of a particular game regardless of which social network they’re on. This channel will deliver news about game updates, friend activity and challenges.

These social features follow the game wherever it is played, rather than being confined to a single social network or portal, and plugs into users’ social graph across Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Developers will also have access to gameplay data that will let them release updates and enhancements to their games by analyzing it.

Mochi Social is currently in private beta, and the first Mochi Social-enabled game Kingdoms at War by A Thinking Ape, will be available starting next week. “Mochi Social allows us to reach millions of new users through Mochi’s distribution network and instantly monetize these users through their Mochi Coins platform,” said Wilkins Chung, co-founder of A Thinking Ape. “Because their platform reaches a new audience beyond the social networks, our game was able to gain significant traction with no direct marketing costs.”

Developers can learn more about Mochi Social and apply to participate in the beta at: