The next hidden object game in the Dream Day Wedding is launching later this month, and I-play gave us an early peek. Get ready to explore famous Italian landmarks and immerse yourself in the art of Botticelli and Piero della Francesca in Dream Day Wedding: Bella Italia.

In Bella Italia you’ll continue your role as wedding planner extraordinaire as you help a new young couple, Andrew and Isabela, embark on a romantic journey that includes the proposal, engagement and – of course – the wedding itself. Most of Isabela’s family happens to be Italian, so the first thing you’ll do is hop on a plane and head to Italy to set the scene perfect for Andrew to pop the question. Then it’s full steam ahead into the world of bridal dresses, engagement rings, bouquets, cakes, anxious in-laws and more.

 Bella Italia

The game will offer 50 levels with 77 locations to explore throughout Italy. Aside from the usual crispy, attractive graphics that we’ve come to expect with the Dream Day series, we were also delighted to see dynamic animated touches in certain scenes too, like an airport scene where suitcases actually travel down the conveyor belt as you search the scene.

There will be five variations of hidden object gameplay, including spot-the-difference and some scenes with inventory puzzles where you have to click on objects and figure out where to use them to solve something in the scene (in our case, it was using milk, coffee grounds, containers and more to brew a piping hot cup of Espresso). Some objects in a given scene bear closer examination; for example, you might have to open a fridge door to grab a couple of the items inside.

 Bella Italia

There are also nine different types of mini-games, and yes, the popular (and often hilarious) “wedding crisis” levels are back as well. You can choose to play the game Timed or Untimed, and if you really think you’re hot stuff you can see how you do with a bonus unlockable third level of difficulty that will put you to the test even further.

Dream Day Wedding: Bella Italia is launching on March 18.