The popular Facebook developer known best for their mega-hit FarmVille has now parted ways with one of its founding members. Zynga co-founder Andrew Trader has left the company to purse other entrepreneurial opportunities and spend more time with his family.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Trader provides details surrounding his sudden departure and assures the public that he and Zynga parted on the best of terms;

“My passion and strengths are really in company building at the early stages and I’m excited about returning to those efforts soon with a new venture. I’m leaving Zynga with 800 employees, more than 230 million monthly users, and with the high-class problems of scaling a massive and successful organization.I’m incredibly proud of the results I helped Zynga achieve as both a member of the founding team & senior executive. I was a company builder in many areas including revenue management, business development, marketing, recruiting, and business operations. I’m departing on great terms with the company and I continue to believe deeply in Zynga, its mission, and its people. I know the company will do amazing things.”

At the time of his departure, Trader was VP of Partnerships and Studio Services. Prior to that he was Executive VP of Sales and Business Development. No replacement has been named for either position as of yet.

[via TechCrunch]