While everyone here at Gamezebo loves Facebook games, we don’t always love the annoying little notifications that tend to flood our Facebook on a practically non-stop basis. It would seem we’re not alone in this complaint.

Facebook has recently changed it’s system so that apps can no longer send notifications to Facebook users, even if they’re users of that app. For game makers, this could lead to a significant drop in play. I can’t count the number of times I’ve fed my fish in Happy Aquariumor played with my pets in Petville because a notification gave me a nudge at just the right time.

In an effort to minimize the impact made by the nullification of notifications, a number of high profile Facebook games are rewarding people for signing up to their e-mail updates program. The fine folks at Frisky Mongoose have put together a round-up of these incentives, ranging from in-game cash in Cafe World to a laser cannon in Wild Ones. What incentives would entice you to sign up for email update?