There’s nothing like curling up by the fire with a good mystery novel on a dark, rainy night. I love trying to figure out which clues lead to evidence and which trails are red herrings. So, naturally, I was intrigued when I saw the screenshots of TikGames’ hidden object game Agents of Interpol.
The premise of Interpol reads like an international crime novel. The good guys are all worried about a notorious villain (Dr. Chaos), and you, the player, are the only one who can stop him. Your task is to travel around the world to exotic locations like Moscow, Paris, and Cairo and track down clues.
The hidden object scenes are brilliant images of colorful, fun-to-find items. The zoom features of the iPhone work very well, allowing you to zoom in with a tap or zoom out with a pinch. Since the images look like they’ve been lifted from the PC version of the game, the zoom is an essential tool in finding many of the items.
I do have one complaint about a few of the hidden objects. To me, the challenge of a hidden object puzzle is in how well an object is hidden in plain sight. In other words, if the designer alters the object by making it very dark or very small or changes its natural color to blend in with its surroundings, then that feels like the game designer is cheating. Anything can be hard to find if it is too dark, too small, completely obscured, or completely altered (color is changed).
Another pet peeve I have is when an object is almost completely hidden behind another object. There are a few times in Interpol when the designers resorted to changing colors and hiding objects so that the object isn’t even visible. Thankfully, you can tap around on the screen without penalty until you find the object. But unlike many hidden object games, you only get 4 hints to use for objects that you just can’t locate. Four hints. No more and no less. And no way to earn more that I could figure out. So, you have to be very judicious with your hints or you’ll run out fast.
I do have to say that I like the way they designed the object list interface. You can tap it to make it go away; then tap to bring it back into focus. This helps provide more room for “blowing up” the hidden object scene to the full screen on the iPhone.
TikGames utilized the iPhone’s superior sound capabilities, and it is obvious that they put some effort into the game’s sound and music. The soundtrack provides a nice espionage movie ‘feel’ as you’re hunting around the globe for the evil Dr. Chaos. The sound effects are terrific and really add to the mood of suspense while you’re searching. While you’re in the opera house, you hear occasional singing and applause as if you are sneaking around behind the scenes while the audience is busy watching a performance.
Overall, Agents of Interpol is a lot of hidden object puzzling fun. Unfortunately, there are times when it crashed on me, and even more unfortunately, the game did not save my progress. If it weren’t for those random, data-losing crashes, I would have liked the game more. considering the low asking price, if you like hidden object games, then this is a good one to have on your iPhone. The mystery theme, spy music and sound, and great storyline will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours.