While a number of digital distribution systems have cemented a foothold in the gaming business, few have been as wildly successful as Steam. Despite this Steam, has never grown beyond its Windows-based PC gaming roots. All of this might be changing, as Kotaku reports that Steam forum members have found some Mac-specific graphics files hidden away in the recently released beta of the new Steam user interface.

While not traditionally considered gaming powerhouses, the Mac gaming reputation has been improving in recent years. A wide variety of PC developers ranging from PopCap Games to Electronic Arts now provide Mac versions of their most popular software. As many of these developers are already on Steam, it should make for an easy transition should a Mac version of Steam actually materialize.

As exciting as all of this sounds, I only have one question – will I have to rebuy all of my PC purchases to play them on the Mac, or will purchasing the game once allow me to install it on both systems? (We can dream, can’t we?)

[via Kotaku]